Carpet Sofa 1268

Whether it’s somewhat big or small, MJC Carpet Cleaning from Edmonton will treat those nasty odours that can come from cigarettes, food, pets and almost anything else.

Take out and eliminate those troublesome odours from carpet and upholstery to produce sanitized, pure, healthy clean. MJC Carpet Cleaning uses environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and economical products to permanently eliminate some of the toughest odours and bacteria problems.

We don’t cover up odours. We don’t use harsh chemicals or masking agents that leave residue. Our products are safe for the environment. – it can eliminate odours like cigarette smoke and strong food smells. Thus, killing, eliminating & neutralizing bacteria, allergens, viruses and mould.

We will tackle tough odours including:

  • Cigarette/tobacco smoke
  • Pet odours
  • Smoke and fire damage
  • Food and stale smells
  • Mould and musty smells

Thermal Fogging

We utilize Thermal Fogging to treat odours caused by smoke damage. It is one of several techniques used in the deodorization process. Since the method resembles smoke, it is able to traverse like smoke to penetrate hard porous surfaces. As a result, the carpet is left with a pleasant baby powder, cherry smell.